What is this blog?
This blog is sort of dead, sort of undead. It was more active a couple of years ago, when it mostly was about politics, law, philosophy, academia, rationality, music, life, etc. I mostly lost interest, so now it contains semi-coherent rants and amusing chess games. It might find more worthwhile stuff again in the neat future. You should probably just put it in your RSS feed and accept that updates might not be common.

Who is Paul Gowder?

Paul Gowder is the author of this blog. Me. Just finished the Ph.D. (political science, Stanford.) Sitting on a J.D too. At the very beginning of the tenure-track at the University of Iowa College of Law. Does constitutional law, political and legal theory, etc. More academic stuff. Caffeine addict.

paul.gowder (at) gmail (dot) com


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