NOLA Scheduled Chessblogging: the classic awesomeness of the King’s Indian Attack

Right now, I should still be in New Orleans — this is a scheduled post.

The KIA is my standard opening when I’m annoyed with people playing stuff like the French and the caro against my poor e4, and preventing me from using my lovely King’s Gambit (kill! kill!). I’ve given up on using the KIA against Sicilian players, because they’re usually too strategically competent even at my pitiful level to just sort of collapse and give me the center, and I don’t use it against pirc players, because, really who needs the KIA against the pirc? Just run the Austrian attack, castle queenside, storm some pawns, and win. Simple.

Anyway, one thing I like about the KIA is that when it does win, it produces beautiful kills. Black slips up, lets you grab e5 and overprotect it, then tries to trade that e5 pawn off, and then everything goes dark for him — what looked like a quiet position suddenly reveals that his pieces are all horribly uncoordinated and everything white has is bearing down on his soft kingside.

This was one of those games.

1. e4 e6 2. d3 d5 3. Nd2 Nf6 4. Ngf3 c5 5. g3 Nc6 6. Bg2 Be7 7. O-O O-O 8. Re1 b6 9. h4 Bb7 10. e5 Nd7 11. Nf1 Qc7 12. Bf4 c4 13. d4 b5 14. c3 a5 15. N1h2 b4 16. Ng4 bxc3 17. bxc3 a4 18. Qc2 Bc8 19. Bg5 f6 20. exf6 Bxf6 21. Rxe6 Bxg5 22. Nxg5 g6 23. Nh6+ Kg7 24. Bxd5 Nd8 25. Re7+ Kxh6 26. Rxh7#


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