Things you never expected to see from Paul Gowder

I’ve decided that I’m going to permit this blog to take a little more personal and creative turn. The arcane intellectual stuff will still be here, but I’ll also include a little more life, and a little more of the less academic side of me. I may even permit there to be images. (Perhaps not.)

To start that out, I’ve dredged up a couple old attempts at short fiction. I confess, I wrote one of these to impress a girl I was dating at the time, who was a writer, and the other I wrote to upstage the same girl after we broke up, on the theory that I could publish something better than she could. (I abandoned that project after submitting to one magazine, which promptly rejected it, and realizing that the trouble of actually getting the thing in print somewhere would be far more substantial than the satisfaction I’d get from satisfying the minor spiteful impulse.) I’ll let you guess which is which.

These will be stored as “pages” under the “extrabloggy archives” tag. Perhaps I’ll promote some other such things to that status, like bad poetry.*

One is a little… uh… dirty. Not terribly dirty — not pornographic — but it’s about sex. And it’s very appropriate in the context of the discussion I’ve been having with Mike about “alphas.” Panthera Chrysalis.

The other is a little … uh… paranoid. And religious. Basically, I think I’d let morbid curiosity get the better of me and flipped through one of those horrible “Left Behind” books (in the bookstore, of course — I’m certainly not going to give those people money), and amusing myself with the antichrist notion yielded Hindsight is 20-20, OR: I’m all Better Now..

Both are pretty bad, though amusing in their own way. I never claimed to have any training or talent at fiction. I’m fond of both, though mainly as a sort of record of who I’ve been. I rather prefer the first, though.

* It amuses me that every piece of creative writing I’ve ever produced apart from those assigned by classes has been motivated by some woman or other. But has it ever been different, in the entire history of the species?


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