I have fabulous friends.

A conversation (largely paraphrased from memory, but the funny bits are close enough) with the lovely Ashley, who has been mentioned before.

Context: I was avoiding the election returns, she had texted me, whereupon I learned that prop 8 was winning. I then called her to rant.

Paul: “Damnit, I’m so sick of putting up with those fucking Christians.”
Ashley: “I’m one of those fucking Christians.”
Paul: “Oh, yeah. I forgot. Sorry — I need to stop generalizing.”
Ashley: “It’s ok. I don’t get prop. 8. What does the government have to do with marriage, other than provide tax breaks? And I’m a libertarian — the more tax breaks, the better.”
Paul: “Yeah, and as a liberal, I agree, but for different reasons.”
Ashley: “I want taxes for nobody. You want taxes for everybody.”
Paul: Precisely. So we agree!”

Yes, that’s right. She’s a Christian, as well as a doctrinaire libertarian. Yet she’s one of my favorite people, even though I’m a rabidly atheist, I daresay anti-theist, liberal (albeit an individualist liberal). Why? Because sharing a sense of humor is more important. Down with the tribes!


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