From the “blood runs true” department

Someone related to me*: Have you made a decision about voting yet?
Paul: Yes. I’ve decided to write in Obama and somebody else. I have no idea how they’ll count it, but who cares, it’s California.
SRTM: You’re voting no on 8, right?
Paul: Of course. That’s the only reason I’m bothering to vote at all. That and 4. To spite the Christians.
SRTM: Good boy. Spite the Christians. I was driving down the street, and it was full of “yes on 8″ signs, it’s horrible. I wanted to run them over.
Paul: Why didn’t you?
SRTM: I was afraid they’d damage my car.

* I’ve decided to delete who, because I could just see some idiot in some company doing a google and applying economic coercion on the basis of “Spite the Christians.” But those of you who know my family composition and relations can easily guess who this is.


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