I am a good little citizen.

I’m about to drop my “permanent absentee” ballot* in the mail, though I’m basically only voting because Prop. 8 is close, and matters (likewise Prop 4).

If anyone is curious, I decided to write in a presidential vote for Obama and some other running mate.** I have no idea how they’ll count it (as if it matters, in California), but it achieves both of my desires, namely, to be able to say I voted for the first black president and not to vote for that swine Biden, so I’m satisfied. Otherwise, the following decision procedure basically determined my vote: first priority, vote against anything the jesusgoats want to do to legislate the bible (8, 4), second priority, vote against anything that funds cops, jails, etc., or makes them more powerful (there was one of those on the ballot, too), third priority, yay public transportation/conform private will to general will.

* “Permanent absentee” really seems more like a state of the soul or the morals than a voting status. I approve of it.

** I was torn between writing in the Ticket that Should Have Been (Obama-Clark, or maybe Obama-Warner or Obama-Clinton) and various spite votes (Obama-Nader, Obama-Ron Paul, Obama-Buchanan, Obama-Gowder, Obama-SheWhoWillNotBeNamedOnThisBlog, &c). I eventually went with the first of the spite votes.


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  1. Phoebe Says:

    Why not Obama-Poodle?

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    You’re right. I totally wasted my vote.

  3. Mike Says:

    I voted No on Prop 8 and Prop 4. I only voted because a) Prop 8 is close, and b) I’ve voted in every presidential election since I’ve been eligible. Seems like, when I’m old, that will give me bragging rights or something. Or maybe if I run for office, I can use it. Or, maybe….. I’m pathetic and do stupid and pointless things, too.

    I voted for neither major party candidate for president. This, I was told, made me a “big pussy.”

    Sorry, but both of those men are wicked and bad for the country. If more people had the courage to reject our two-party system, maybe things would improve. Until people get out of this “Choose a tribe” paradigm, we’re doomed.

  4. Paul Gowder Says:

    Why do you think Obama is outright wicked? (Biden, now he’s wicked.)

  5. Mike Says:

    I think he took payoffs from Fannie and Freddie. And from credit card companies. Why hasn’t Obama, who supposedly cares about the poor and working class, taken on credit card companies? As you know, CC companies are literally stealing money from people. He’s had nothing much to say about that. Yet he cares about the poor and downtrodden? He is going to make changes? Really?

    You are I disagree on many issues. But our beliefs are sincere. No one owns us. No one pays us off. So even if we are wrong, we are not necessarily bad or evil. (Cop-out: I’m avoiding extreme examples like sincere neo-Nazis.)

    People who sell their souls when they claim to be *public servants* are wicked. They are corrupt.

    With lawyers, sure, it’s okay to sell one’s soul. Since most lawyers don’t claim to represent the public. With “public servants,” I expect them to be sincere. They should do what they believe is in the best interest of the public. When they refuse to do so because people have paid them off, then they are no different from cops who are paid to look the other way while someone commits a crime.

  6. Paul Gowder Says:

    Yeah, that would make him wicked. I haven’t seen, however, any evidence of personal payoffs to Obama from CC companies/fannie-freddie. (Feel free to enlighten me if I’ve missed something.)

    Campaign finance, now that’s a different issue. I really need to write my campaign finance post (perhaps later this afternoon, after getting all the errands done). I don’t really count candidates as evil for taking campaign funds from all and sundry, just because of the screwed up system involved in getting elected — what we really need is campaign finance reform across the board, and I do count candidates as evil for not supporting that.

  7. Mike Says:

    The article is now hard to find, since all the Google hits are now for stuff involving people who made contributions via credit cards.

    Still, this article notes that Obama voted against a 30% interest rate cap for CCs. Why?

    Yeah, that’s not proof, and I’m not copping out by saying: “The only explanation is that he was getting campaign contributions.” That’s lame, and I don’t play that way.

    Also, he gets mad cash from investment banks:

    Again, those aren’t credit card companies. And I’m not copping out. Just trying to show that my opinion was informed by some facts. (While those articles don’t get us where I want to be; they do illustrate his ties to and votes in favor of Big Banking.)

    I’ll see if I can drudge up the most-relevant article.

  8. Steve Says:


    I’m left with a very important question. Why would you consider voting for my ex-girlfriend? She Who Must Not Be Named is smart, and would probably do well enough as Vice President, but there’s a reason she must not be named. At the very least, I’d have thought her pro-suffering stance would turn off potential voters.

  9. Ted Says:

    Who’s posting as Steve? Not me.

  10. Paul Gowder Says:

    Someone named Steve? (Who is very funny, though I’d say that if I were to taboo anyone’s name other than the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, I wouldn’t start with exes. I don’t even dislike any of my own exes that much. I’d probably start with, oh, that girl who was mean to me in the 5th grade, etc., and go on from there. Maureen, are you reading? I remember… :-) )

  11. Boogliodemus Says:

    “to be able to say I voted for the first black president”

    Why do smart people do dumb things? Is that all it is about to you? Some kind of politically correct bragging right?

  12. Paul Gowder Says:

    Supposing (as is the case) that I also have a slight policy preference for the guy, though not enough to make me overcome my distaste for Biden ordinarily, why not vote for him to participate in what is, by any lights, a hugely significant moment for racial equality in this country?

  13. littlehawk12 Says:

    @Paul Gowder…That has got to be the stupidest reason to vote for someone as i have ever heard!!!

  14. Paul Gowder Says:

    Really? What’s stupid about expressive reasons? And what kind of reason would be a smart reason to vote for a candidate where one’s probability of affecting the outcome is up there with the probability of being named the long-lost Czar of all Russias?

    Or did you just feel like randomly casting an insult without any actual thinking behind it, like some kind of moronic anonymous internet troll? Oh. Wait. Yeah.

  15. Uncommon Priors » Someone needs to read about rational voter theory. Says:

    [...] Everyone laugh at the stupid insulting anonymous commenter. Perhaps if we all mock it, it’ll either go away or learn something without being banned. [...]

  16. Arvita Says:

    Seeing as the post was full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, I’m faced with a paucity of material and have to go after the commenter:

    Littlehawk12, your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries. Careful of matching wit to wit with Paul for you shall soon find your wit bankrupt.

    Ahhh, Monty Python and Shakespeare are awesome for put-downs.

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