Coolness, locally.

1. My friend and colleague Ashley has a blog. She’s one of my very favorite people around (and yet another example of Paul’s Army of Close Libertarians). Sadly, she’s on the other side of the country while writing her dissertation, living with her Dude. I regularly contemplate having him killed so I can have her company more often.

2. As much as I bitch about Stanford’s bureaucracy, etc., there are reasons to be proud of my current university. Like the fact that it is building a new stem cell research center. What the linked article doesn’t make explicit (because the Stanford Daily is written by idiots) is that the facility is rather consciously being built without one iota of federal funding so that they can do real stem cell research, not the crappy kind allowed to be done with federal cash. This is a big advance from the current situation, where the labs on campus are confusingly divided between federal money and no-federal-money facilities, sometimes even within the same lab. In that later case, things get really bizarre: I’m told by a reliable source (about 6 months ago I had a date with a girl who does stem cell research, there was never a second date, or, indeed, a second interaction of any kind, but I got lots of good info about how the labs work) that there are labs where every piece of equipment has to be labeled, such that those who are doing embryonic stem cell research only use, e.g., the microscope provided by the private donor, not one paid for with a federal grant.

So yay Stanford, for defying the feds, and doing so efficiently!


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