The DC transit police are dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumbitey dumb.

The DC metro is instituting a random bag search policy.

The policy will be implemented as follows:

When MTPD begins screening passengers’ belongings, the inspection locations will not be announced ahead of time. They could take place at any Metro facility at any time. All passengers’ carry-on items will be subject to inspection. However, just prior to beginning the inspection process at a specific location Metro Transit Police will post signs alerting riders about the security initiative.

At the inspection site, teams of five to eight Metro Transit Police officers and a trained explosive-detection dog will conduct the screenings. Riders who are randomly selected will be taken off to the side and will be asked to open their carry-on items. In a matter of seconds, officers will visually inspect the contents for explosive devices. Individuals who refuse to have their bag or bags inspected will not be allowed to enter the Metro system with those carry-on items. The will be free to leave the system with their items.

WTF? How does that achieve anything? Suppose you’re a terrorist. You want, for some moronic reason, to bomb the Metro. And you run into one of these searches. You say “no,” then you walk down the road to the next station. Which, since the searches are random and non-voluntary, is probably not under inspection. If it is, you walk to the next station. Or wait a couple of hours.

How could they possibly think that random voluntary searches would improve security one iota?

Instead, they inconvenience people and flush money down the toilet for security theatre that is so transparent not even a chimpanzee would fall for it.

The good folks of the Flex Your Rights Foundation, which appears to be an organization devoted to educating people about their rights in encounters with cops and encouraging them to exercise those rights — that is, a very good thing — advises me that they have a Citizen’s Guide to Refusing DC Metro Searches. Might be worth a look.


2 Responses to “The DC transit police are dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumbitey dumb.”

  1. Jason Wojciechowski Says:

    This is, as far as I can tell, exactly the same thing NYC has been doing on its subway for the last seven or so years.

    And hey, look, it’s worked! No terrorist attacks!

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    I’ve never been happier to live in the state with no functioning public transit.

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