Another thing that creeps me out about the Obama campaign

… apart, that is, from the scary cultish Mao-style “hope” posters, is this “yes we can” business. Which is totally ripped off from Caesar Chavez and the UFW. See, Cesar Chavez was a real hero — one of the greatest leaders in the fight for justice that we’ve ever seen, up there with Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s something of a sacrilege to co-opt si se puede. It’s kind of like if Obama’s campaign slogan were “I have a dream.” You just don’t do that shit.


2 Responses to “Another thing that creeps me out about the Obama campaign”

  1. JL Says:

    I’ve thought about it as sort of a dog whistle (did I read about that here or somewhere else, I’m not sure…). I know of the marches I’ve been to, ‘Si se puede’ is as common as John Philip Sousa at the Rose Parade. And while there’s something personally empowering about marching with a union and forcing farm employers to meet with you and deal with you, I don’t think it carries over to marching for the Iraq war, because it’s not like Bush or Congress is going to meet with a bunch of people who have a permit to gather on the ellipse. Rambling aside, ’si se puede’ is associated in my mind with any number of liberal causes supported by young liberals, so it might be a way to signal that Obama is on board with various young liberal causes.

    On the other hand, maybe my experience is not at all representative of reality.

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    Oh, no doubt it’s become fairly common currency in liberal causes. But that doesn’t make it right…

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