If this doesn’t get comments, nothing will.

Apparently (h/t metafilter), there are republican furries.

I can only imagine the dirty talk.

Oh… oh… baaaby… I’m an endangered species! Despoil my natural habitat! Drill into it baby, drill into it!

Dear readers, this is your chance to amuse the blogger and keep him from being poutey by commenting with your best republican furry jokes.

Best comments from the mefi page so far:

jonmc: “I guess if the GOP needs somebody to roam around the floor at the next convention in an elephant suit, they’re all set.”

Derive the Hamiltonian of… : “Convention attendees might be slightly put off if the party mascot started humping them.”

jonmc: “Well, it’s only fair. They’ve been humping the rest of us for years.”


Gnatcho: “It’s a lot more boring than I expected. I mean, besides the avatars, the rest is just a typical Republican blog. I expected some sort of crossover, if not crossover Republican fanfic.”

QIbHom: “Crossover Republican fanfic? Like Dubya in an armadillo suit humping Harper in a beaver suit?”


googly: Well, that’s one community that, roundabout November 5th, will be running home with their tails between their legs.


6 Responses to “If this doesn’t get comments, nothing will.”

  1. belle lettre Says:

    See also.

    Hey, it took a year or so before people would comment on my posts! Even now, I have a much lower comment culture than Amber. And if you notice, all the commenters are “regulars” who personally know me. Every blog has a different culture. Not all of us can be like Unfogged.

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    I don’t get unfogged. I just don’t get it. The following post, reproduced herein in its entirety, got 206 comments:

    “Everything Sucks
    Posted by Alameida
    on 10.14.08

    I’ve been totally unproductive today even though I have lots of things I should be doing, and even though I felt really queasy and sick I ate lots of candy corn and now I feel a million times worse and it’s all my own fault!”

    What? The? Fuck?

    The horrifying thing is the notion that unfogged has enough readers to garner that many comments, when the only intelligent poster on that whole thing is Wolfson. I personally only read the damn thing when someone refers to it. Like just now. And every time I do so, I get the overwhelming urge to scream. SO BRAINLESS THAT BLOG IS!!

    Maybe I should write “against unfogged.”

    Or maybe I should just write some political theory like I’m paid to do.

    Anyway, how on earth did you sustain blogging for a year while not getting any positive feedback in the form of comments? I’m getting to the edge of pulling the plug on this thing.

  3. belle lettre Says:

    I got nice emails from people and I met friends through this thing, which is nice. I felt like quitting a few weeks ago, then Amber wanted to do that epistolary experiment, which is inspiring me to think out of the law and orgs box. Write whatever, and you feel better. Write to your particularlized audience (even if imaginary) and feel constrained, limited, unimaginative, and like blogging is work. The feedback does keep me sustained, even if I get very few comments. I know people read me, and that a fair few are my friends. THat’s enough.

    You should definitely write that post. I’d read it. I like many aspects of Unfogged (when you participate in the comments, it’s a huge forum), but I miss Ogged and the auto-trolling.

  4. Amber Says:

    Unfogged is a chat room, hon. The posts are just excuses for new conversations.

    Don’t pull the plug. There is a critical mass of commenters that you need to reach before things take off. Once you start getting 1 or 2 people chipping in on most of the posts it will start to lurch along. And some people, who shall remain nameless, would argue that blogs shouldn’t have comments at all. Those people are the wrongiest wrongers who ever wronged.

  5. Paul Gowder Says:

    What I love is when people e-mail me really interesting things (or even in person: one colleague stopped in my office a few minutes ago to offer a cool insight about the election post), and I wanna be like “dude, comment that!”

  6. ben wolfson Says:

    Unfogged used to be different. If you weren’t there in 2004 and 2005, well.

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