As a rule of law theorist, I think I’m professionally obliged to blog this.

H/T my friend Altair, from a NYT story:

BANGKOK, Aug. 7 — It is the pink armband of shame for wayward police officers, as cute as can be with a Hello Kitty face and a pair of linked hearts.

No matter how many ribbons for valor a Thai officer may wear, if he parks in the wrong place, or shows up late for work, or is seen dropping a bit of litter on the sidewalk, he can be ordered to wear the insignia.

Certainly a novel way of making cops obey the rules. I like it. I do. But here’s the real money quote:

Pink armbands for misdemeanors are a start. Stronger measures could be next for corruption and extrajudicial killings.

I do hope so, I really do.


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