Now that’s planning ahead.

Fascinating find of the day: in Seattle’s alt-weekly paper, The Stranger, a full-page ad by a DUI lawyer giving fairly aggressive advice on what to do if you’re stopped for a DUI (note to any readers who might be confused: I can’t vouch for or against his advice, which applies to WA only anyway). Images to follow as soon as I get them off my phone.

The interesting part is that it includes its own ethics defense: the last paragraph is basically a mini-brief, complete with professional conduct rules citation, for the proposition that he’s not encouraging anyone to commit a crime. Which, incidentally, I happen to think is absolutely correct (esp. since I’m committed to the proposition that the whole point of legal ethics is to given citizens the tools they need to keep state power in line) both as a matter of law in most state’s I know and as a matter of what the law ought to be.

But it’s still very fascinating that he feels the need to pre-brief the ethics issue. Actually, if I needed his kind of services I’d consider hiring him, that kind of preemptive defense is fairly close to how I think the law is best practiced. Of course, it might also just be that he’s gotten complaints.

(Also, he deserves criticism on ethics grounds for one minor thing: as of this writing [hopefully it'll change] he inappropriately describes the advertisement on his website as an “article,” implying it’s had editorial oversight etc., when, at least in the Stranger, it’s clearly labeled as an advertisement. Still, that’s a pretty minor sin.)


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