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All my favorite libertarians in one place.

There’s the silly kind of [right-]libertarianism, which leads people to think that it’s impermissible to have things like antidiscrimination laws — that’s the kind that gets all the public attention and leads me to make snarky comments.

Then there’s the smart, interesting, and challenging kind of libertarianism that hews to a vigorous (and perhaps too-broad, but defensible) traditional conception of liberty while leaving open the possibility that there might be other political values worth pursuing, like social justice. Numerous philosophers/political theorists in the latter school have started a blog, and so far every single post is extremely worth reading. This should be on your blogroll right now.


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  1. Curt Says:

    I too am a fan of the Bleeding Heart blog. But do you really want to call libertarians like Richard Epstein “silly?”

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