Divine right of kings.

Someone seriously just walked up to me in a cafe in Long Beach and told me that god thinks I’m king. In a “metaphoric” sense, unfortunately. I started recording after he said he had a message from god (“I was just talking to god, and I have a picture to show you”) and then started talking about the Lion King.

Listen to the recording. It’s quite wonderful.

Audio: God says I’m king.

In the same day, in the same cafe, I managed to accidentally talk a cute girl out of a cookie, and the dude next to me handed me a rag and said “you need this more than I do” in re: my laptop screen. Why did I ever leave LA? This sort of thing never happens in the Bay Area.


3 Responses to “Divine right of kings.”

  1. eric Says:

    In SF, people just scold you. Or worse, they give “the look” without deigning to speak to you at all.

    I love LA.

  2. jane Says:

    Oh god, I have to defend my city-state now. The plural of anecdote is not data. I’ve gotten free tickets to a club just by being nice to the woman ahead of me in line. I’ve gotten an offer to interview at a company just because I stopped at a lemonade stand once. Come on, there are tons of nice people scattered about everywhere!

  3. Mike Munger Says:

    Bless you, lad. Bless you. Well done.

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