livevlogging the Palo Alto iphone 4 line.

#2 — we’re in trouble! The greenpeace guy has found us! Now he’s talking about “toxic electronics.” Apparently all these old iphones we’re going to get rid of are going to be shipped to other countries to leach poisons into the water. “Producer responsibility” is the word of the day. Damn good thing to tell people in this line. But they’re still not getting my money today, for game theoretic reasons: if I demonstrate my willingness to donate in this kind of captive situation to one group, well…

#3 a guy who managed to get a preorder through and got it early comes to tease us. And refused to be videoed (though I sneakily grabbed a shot of him). Fucker.


4 Responses to “livevlogging the Palo Alto iphone 4 line.”

  1. gradmommy Says:

    this is awesome. it’s gonna get cold…

  2. Grace Says:

    Were you drunk?

  3. Paul Gowder Says:

    Only on anticipation.

  4. A student Says:

    So you really did wait for the iphone all night…

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