The level of decline of a territory is inversely proportional to the number of businesses in that territory willing to sell foreign currency at or near market rates to the general public.


2 Responses to “T/F?”

  1. Jacob T. Levy Says:

    So ‘more sales at market rates’ = ‘more decline’? False.

    It’s when the foreign currency is being hoarded and is practically unavailable to the general public that the really panic-inducing level of decline has set in.

    And I just don’t accept that the average tourist-central neighborhood in a place that attracts a lot of foreign visitors is necessarily in a greater state of decline than the equivalent tourist-central neighborhood that attracts primarily domestic visitors, or that a tourist-friendly city in a small country with a big wealthy neighbor is in a worse state than a tourist-friendly city within the big wealthy country itself.

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    Hah, I added an extra negative, naturally. Meant to say that unavailabilty of foreign currency = decline. This may have been mangled by rage against various local non-currency-having businesses. All as usual in my world, that is.

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