Paul Gowder, Defender of the Little Guy and Hero.

I received the following e-mail today in reference to Kindlegate.

Hi Paul,

I would like to thank you for publishing your letter to amazon, regarding your kindle. It not only inspired me to combat some of the injustices in my own life, but it gave me the format and general language to use. Since discovering your letter I have;

Finally received the 60 dollars owed to my by a phone company.
Got a dominate ePostage company to promptly cancel my account by email (avoid the forms and rigamarole of being placed on hold for hours).
Persuaded the office of the city treasurer to dismiss my firends parking ticket (they were dragging their feet for half a year).
Convinced my college to dismiss a parking citation for not having my permit displayed (It was displayed by the way).

I not only wanted to thank you, and offer to buy you lunch if your ever in San Diego, but I wanted to know where you think I could find similar legal letters to extract language from? I’m fairly competent at finding civil codes and other relevant law, but I need to be able to pick out verbage like “I intended to bring suit either individually, or, if I decide it is warranted, as a representative for a class of similarly situated plaintiffs.”

Do you have any recommendations for where I could find a bunch of legal letters to review?


Needless to say, I’m quite pleased.


4 Responses to “Paul Gowder, Defender of the Little Guy and Hero.”

  1. Daniel S. Goldberg Says:

    Hey, I’m an attorney and I found it inspiring.

  2. Steve M. Says:

    I have the feeling your correspondent has never seen correspondence between lawyers relating to discovery disputes.

  3. anonymous Says:

    Your letter to Amazon has helped me too. Now I find myself wishing I had a compendium of legalese at my disposal at all times.

  4. Enzinna Says:

    Hi, were you raised in San Pedro? If so, I think I know you. Mom Diane?

    If not, please disregard this msg.

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