Brief reviews: Extremely negative: Bad Behavior Wordpress plugin; Extremely positive: web hosting.

Not only has the Bad Behavior plugin totally failed to block the sort of spam comment for which I originally installed it (obnoxious Russian URL spam), but it killed all interactive elements in this blog; commenting was disabled, as was the making of new posts. I had to run screaming to my hosting provider to get it nuked.

On the other hand, my hosting provider,, responded to my support request within minutes. Drak has provided all my web needs for years and years and years now — I’m not even sure how many years. It’s been at least seven, but possibly longer. In that period, there has been maybe a day of downtime, their tech support has always been incredibly swift, friendly, and effective, they always go far beyond the call of duty in providing services and help with things that they are under no obligation to help with. They’re also very cheap. If you need web hosting, they have my highest recommendation.


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