The best thing I’ve read all year.

I can’t possibly bring myself to excerpt this. It’s a furious and glorious homage to Byron in the pages of the eXile. Just go read it now.


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  1. homais Says:

    Thanks for turning me on to the existence of that site. My new random quotable bit of the day is from their piece about hating the nineties:

    “For decades, nerds paid dearly for being nerds. And then one day, in the 1990s, nerds became cool. Not real nerds, of course – they’re always fucked. But the most cutting-edge, advanced, socially-successful, guaranteed-to-succeed, trendsetting-without-effort types made a point to develop a nerdish or loser narrative about themselves, since being cool was no longer cool. Even successful jocks and writers we know faked that they were losers – in order to become more successful. And it worked”

  2. Overcoming Bias : Byron vs. Wordsworth Says:

    [...] tip to Paul Gowder. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Byron vs. Wordsworth", url: [...]

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