Oh, I hate the post office so much now.

I still don’t have my mail. I just spent another 20 minutes on hold for the supervisor, who never picked up… but I at least managed to get the address of the office from which the supervisor works. Now I’m going to grab some breakfast and then go down there. And I’m going to start yelling at people. Perhaps I’ll put on a lawyer suit.

Wanna see how bad the USPS is? They have a “frequently requested contact information” page on their site, on which they list people who “may not be contacted via telephone.” Those people include their “Vice President and Consumer Advocate,” their department of “Consumer Affairs,” as well as the Postmaster General and any Senator. Who knew that the post office could forbid me from calling my Senator?

Actually, that’s what I’m going to do if going down there in person doesn’t work. I’m going to call my representative’s constituent services dude. They tend to be pretty effective at shaking ministerial duties out of bureaucracies. And it’s cheaper than filing a writ of mandamus and won’t get me punished like handcuffing myself to the desk would — those being my other two main options for getting my fucking mail.


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