Urgent: attempt to eliminate federal funding for political science — call your senators

This just in — I’m posting from intermission in a theatre, so more later, but read the info on the amendment — it’s full of horrid distortions and outright nonsense about political science. This is happening NOW, so political science people should get calling and organizing. Also, I hope there is an effort in the works to write a refutation of some of the claims Coburn makes about the discipline — someone let me know that there is, and those of us in the blogosphere don’t need to do it…

Senator Coburn has proposed an amendment to eliminate NSF’s political science program. I’m not sure when the amendment will be voted up or down.

Here’s the proposed amendment, and rationale: http://coburn.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Files.View&FileStore_id=82180b1f-a03e-4600-a2e5-846640c2c880

More: this may come to a vote TODAY, folks. And it sounds like the apsa’s on the case.


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