Jason Brennan might just be right…

Jason Brennan has being doing a lot of really high-quality work on the ethics of voting lately. I’ve been skeptical of the ultimate conclusions (which include most prominently advising the ignorant to stay home), but now… well…

According to this poll (pdf), a full 37% of McCain voters in New Jersey think Obama wasn’t born in the U.S., and 24% aren’t sure. 44% of those who are self-identified conservatives are birthers, and 24% aren’t sure.

12% of McCain voters think Obama is the antichrist. 21% are not sure. (Bizarrely, 5% of Obama voters think he’s the antichrist. One wonders whether they’ve taken the next logical step and tattooed a 666 on their foreheads. Fortunately, the error can get it down to a less insane .5%) 18% of self-identified conservatives think he’s the antichrist and 17% are not sure.

Of course, those of us on the liberal side a little crazy/stupid too. 31% of Obama voters think Bush knew about 9/11 in advance, and 40% of self-identified liberals do so too, with 17% unsure.

(h.t. TPM via Brooks)


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  1. JL Says:

    There are plenty of nuts out there who believe that Obama’s election is a sign of the imminent rapture. I’ve seen people who rejoice at the passage of gay marriage because it’s one more step in the downfall of humanity, and that means they’ll be joining Jesus soon, and that makes them happy. It’s like schadenfreude taken to the next level — it’s so much better when all of humanity is going to suffer!

    Along the original line, there was an NPR story last year about white supremacists voting for Obama because an Obama victory would unite non-supremacist white Americans in restoring whiteys to power and various other racial things white supremacists seek.

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