Unsolicited advice to victim of New Orleans Police Department bullying:

Josh Wexler got menaced then given a bogus ticket from a New Orleans cop (though this one really deserves the title of “pig” if Wexler’s story is to be credited) when the pig was in the course of arresting a pedestrian for the crime of being hit by the pigmobile when the pig ran a stop sign. Popehat pretty well sums up the culture at the NOPD:

Now, the New Orleans Police Department is notorious. It’s notorious in a way that makes LAPD’s Rampart Division look like a cocktail party at the ACLU.

Then Josh tried to file a complaint. Which was rejected by the cop who handles complaints against cops (what a surprise!).

Dear Josh: just sue. In federal court. No institution in that city works at all. Evidence: my own little Bryan Lampard incident, as well as just about everything else that NOPD has ever done. Sue early, sue often, and don’t expect to see any money out of it. Sue for revenge only. Sue for publicity. Sue to give yourself an excuse to move out of that town, since one you sue, you’ll probably be harassed three times an hour.


3 Responses to “Unsolicited advice to victim of New Orleans Police Department bullying:”

  1. Josh Wexler Says:


    Thanks for the unsolicited, but welcome, advice. I have not sued for the following reasons:

    1)I don’t have money for lawyer who will do this.

    2)My attorney, Sam Dalton, worked pro-bono for me on this case. He has done more good civil rights work than perhaps any other lawyer in this state, and has been a very effective advocate for me. Howe

    However, apparently lacking a normal attorney’s genetic code, he has little to no interest in publicity. Therefore, I believe he sees this as a pointless exercise. Indeed, he was entirely cynical about my wanting to file a complaint with the Public Integrity Bureau, saying that there was no chance they’d discipline the pig (as it turns out, he was right).

    3)I like living in New Orleans. The winters here are much friendlier than in New York, which is the only other city I know how to live in. And the rents are much more forgiving.

    Seeing as I’m sticking it out here for now, I could probably do without police harassment above the the current margins.

    If I find a good, pro bono lawyer who is willing to pursue this thing full bore, I will take your post under advisement.

    Josh Wexler

  2. Paul Gowder Says:


    If you actually do want to sue (as opposed to just amused by my ranting “advice”), it might be worthwhile to give Bill Quigley a call — he’s probably the NOLA lawyer most given to tilting at windmills in the face of horrid injustice.

  3. Josh Wexler Says:

    Thanks, Paul. I’ll send along any significant updates if they occur.

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