transportation hell, or another reason I need to live in New York City

Cars are brutal on the wallet: there’s nothing like having a car for suddenly finding yourself obliged to spend thousands of dollars on some total crap.

Bikes are brutal on the body. In three years of biking around campus, and, as of the last month and a half or so, around Palo Alto, I’ve fallen numerous times, and broken my ankle once. Last night may have been my second break. I was standing up and pedaling pretty fast, when the pedal snapped off. I went flying at high speed, landed on my ass, and now, this morning, can barely get out of bed. (I also drove a substantial part of the sweater I was wearing into my elbow.) I can walk… just. And with severe pain. Going in this afternoon to be told whether I’ve fractured my tailbone or not.

I’m really one of nature’s walkers and subway-riders, evidently. Maybe I should get another car just so I don’t injure myself constantly.


7 Responses to “transportation hell, or another reason I need to live in New York City”

  1. el serracho Says:

    with respect – bikes are not brutal on the body, FALLING OFF bikes is brutal on the body. how on earth did your pedal “snap” off?

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    Bikes –> falling off bikes. I don’t fucking know how the pedal snapped off, but snap off it did. I guarantee you that I didn’t hallucinate it.

    NEW COMMENTS POLICY: any comment that starts with “with respect” or words to that effect will be deleted.

  3. Daniel S. Goldberg Says:

    I’m terrified of bikes, so I hear you. (Grew up in large urban driving areas, had family members get hit by cars on bikes, etc.).

    As for “with respect,” one of the sagest pieces of advice came from the judge I clerked for who suggested I never ever ever say in either a brief or at argument “With all due respect” or any such variation, because, he rightly noted, that tends to convey the sentiment that “Judge, if you weren’t so blindingly stupid I would not have to explain to you that . . . “

  4. Steve M. Says:

    What about beginning a comment with the words “with respect”? As in, “With respect to the new comments policy, does it punish the words or the phrase?”

  5. Phoebe Says:

    With respect, the desire to avoid “suddenly finding yourself obliged to spend thousands of dollars on some total crap” is if anything a reason not to live in New York City.

  6. Mike Says:

    It’s not the bike. It’s you, Paul.

    Yeah, I think it’s cool you’re an absent-minded, inattentive intellectual. Still…That’s the kind of shit that gets you killed in real life.

  7. Paul Gowder Says:

    Mike, the fucking pedal snapped off. It’s not like I ran into a tree because I was solving systems of equations in my goddamn head.

    Jesus. It’s moments like this that I think it’s time for this blog to end. I’m lying on the bed in fucking pain (at least the Dr. said nothing’s probably broken) and having people blame my absentmindedness.