I endorse every single word of this fabulous life advice

9 Responses to “I endorse every single word of this fabulous life advice”

  1. ben wolfson Says:

    I dunno, I’m pretty glad I don’t carry any debt and don’t really want to start abusing credit lines any time soon.

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    But it is quite amazing how all the real greats — Byron, Hunter S. Thompson, etc did…

  3. Steve M. Says:

    It was rather harder for creditors to track down deadbeats in Byron’s time ….

  4. Aaron Says:

    Hoorah I now feel like less of a loser.

  5. ben wolfson Says:

    Yeah, Byron’s credit-abuse wasn’t exactly like any credit abuse I could pull off.

  6. ben wolfson Says:

    Also, let us postulate that you have eccentric standards for real greatness, that might just have abusing credit built in.

  7. Paul Gowder Says:


  8. Mike Says:

    Smoking is cool. It feels good, looks cool, and gives people a reason to talk to each other. Other than the occasional cigar, I do not smoke (asthma). I used to, though, and loved it. Chicks who smoke are also better fucks.

    Oysters remind me too much of cum in a half shell. Not my thing. A woman’s sexual openness is positively correlated with oysters. Sluuurp away.

    Fashion is underrated. The PUAs have it right with their pea cocking.

    Speaking of debt, check this out:

  9. Michael Drake Says:

    Hmmm. Given that just about everyone has at least one of these vices…

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