The woeful lack of parentheses in oral speech.

I’m in LA for a few days at the moment, showing filial piety and staying at my mother’s apartment. (Without my car!! In LA!!!) I was woken up this morning by a 20-minute discussion about a left turn. No, seriously. Some guy was trying to give directions involving an intersection at which there are two left-turn lanes, and was completely unable to communicate the fact that his interlocutor should use the rightmost of those lanes, so as to be able to make an immediate right turn after the left turn. You may imagine me, lying in bed, thinking “shutup shutup shutup shutup shutup” while this guy repeats, over and over and over, that she should “stay in the right lane” to her continued confusion.

In a sensible language, he would have been able to just say “stay in the right(left-turn lane)” and I would have been permitted to sleep.


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  1. mariana Says:

    I do not thing they where very interested in communicating with somebody else cause otherwise they will have tried to lower your voice and their speed and make some signs to show that they have seen you.

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