I have been remiss on my t/k/b/b duties

… and I’m ok with that. Readers: would you like to see the abandonment of the Tuesday Kafka/Borges/Byron, and its replacement with, perhaps, the Whenever The Fuck I Feel Like It Ancient Athenian Absurdity?


7 Responses to “I have been remiss on my t/k/b/b duties”

  1. Steve M. Says:

    Ancient Athenian absurdity!

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    Excelllent. More cases about prostitutes being prosecuted for speaking to the assembly to follow.

  3. Daniel S. Goldberg Says:

    I like T/K/B/B. But I like ancient Athenian absurdity, too.

  4. Steve M. Says:

    Republican Roman Ruthlessness … es?

  5. ben wolfson Says:

    For all we know, you’ve been doing the WTFIFLIAAA all along.

  6. mariana Says:

    I do not understand? what is that? a strange mix in a paralell borgian universe, or is it in the library of babel?

  7. Stephen Bank Says:

    I’d enjoy more dispatches from attica.

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