Ultimate proof of human stupidity, and the biggest clusterfuck in polling history.

I just discovered this old (1998-9) list of the 100 greatest novels of all time, also 100 greatest nonfiction books. Apparently some gang of literati made their own list, and then they opened up a version for the public.

The gang of literati list is fairly predictable, though disputable. But the public are evidently complete raving lunatics, as both lists are dominated by Ayn Rand and Scientology books in a dead heat, followed closely by libertarian and science fiction crap.

400,000 votes. There are 400,000 maniac objectivists and scientologists in the English-speaking world, and they vote. Run. Run fast.


6 Responses to “Ultimate proof of human stupidity, and the biggest clusterfuck in polling history.”

  1. homais Says:

    Yeah, definitely looks like some fan email-lists circulated the word that the poll was happening and demanded that their memberships bum-rush the voting. Not only is Ayn Rand insanely over-represented, but Charles de Lint for God’s sake. I mean, like five of his books are on there. He’s not that freaking important, even in fantasy circles.

  2. Stephen Bank Says:

    My feelings about humanity are artificially lowered by the number of libertarians on the internet.

  3. ben wolfson Says:

    Amazing how the hundred greatest novels were all written in English in, or very close to, the 20th century.

  4. mairana Says:

    I agree that ayn rain or however you write it and scientologists are complete lunatics.

  5. Michael Drake Says:

    If civilization were to disappear, leaving behind its artifacts, in a thousand years the art objects most likely to be excavated would be Warhol prints and The Fountainhead. By this, our entire culture would be judged.

    Makes you wonder whether Homer is really all that.

  6. ben wolfson Says:

    Is The Fountainhead generally printed on high-quality paper or something?

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