Markets in everything. Heh.

China’s horrible M/F ratio sparks massive bride price increase… sounds like Silicon Valley, really. Unlike Silicon Valley, however, China can always put its surplus males to use by… uh… oh dear… starting a war.

Also in the gender trouble department, apparently MTV is making a TV show around the central complaint of men everywhere: why’s she dating that loser? I, of course, think this is explainable as part of the general phenomenon of men chasing and women selecting, which is itself explained not as a result of any intrinsic difference between the sexes but as an Nash equilibrium that nobody likes. (Men can’t refuse to chase because then they’ll be left out of the market, women have no incentive to expend the costs of chasing given that men appear without chasing — and this is true even though most members of both sexes would prefer there not be a set chasing class and being chased class.)


6 Responses to “Markets in everything. Heh.”

  1. Why the Douchebag and the Asshole get the Girl « Aaron Weingott Says:

    [...] chase the woman as they experience less self-doubt. Men chase and women select, as Paul says in the post which inspired this post. Before discussing why this is, you need to consider something else: your [...]

  2. mairana Says:

    I think its going upside down now, woman are chasing, and men are selecting (well mostly they are avoiding any commitment)
    It is the same game anyway, nothing changes for real.

  3. Paul Gowder Says:

    Really? Hmm… that’s definitely not the case in silicon valley, but perhaps elsewhere?

  4. Stephen Bank Says:

    It is very, very much not the case in toronto.

  5. Steve M. Says:

    But, in relevant respects, isn’t SV’s software industry kind of like a war?

  6. Mike Says:

    Just catching up with my Paul Gowder reading.

    Let’s make a friendly wager….. If we can define the terms….

    I will wager some friendly amount that the guys who are “losers” or “douche bags” exhibit alpha behavior – where “alpha” is understood in game theory.

    The guy whining about the loser will be a beta.

    How do we make this bet happen?

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