Packaging liability?

Here’s a theory for some enterprising plaintiff’s side product liability lawyer out there.

You know those horrid plastic packages that they put all small electronics in nowadays? The rock hard ones, the ones that you could run over with a truck without putting a dent in them? The ones that have no convenient opening mechanism, undoubtedly because they’re scared of theft?

Well, as you no doubt know, the only way to open those packages is to take some kind of sharp object and hack madly at them. They’re usually designed with raised/folded edges so that it’s difficult to even do it with ordinary scissors, really the only way to do it is to actually use some sort of knife.

After almost disembowling myself for the nth time just now, in order to get my new laptop mouse out of its case, I started to wonder… how many people actually disembowel themselves with those things? Or cause more minor injuries (severed fingers, etc.) from having to furiously hack at a package that’s designed deliberately to be hard to open?

I smell a class action in the making.


5 Responses to “Packaging liability?”

  1. eric Says:

    I saw somewhere (I forget where) what appeared to be a clever device for opening these horrible packages (surely among the worst inventions in the history of mankind) without risking a blood-letting. The kicker was that the device comes in that same horrible packaging. Which reminds me of the Talmudic puzzler: who made the tongs that held the tongs when the first tongs were being made?

  2. Jeff Albert Says:

    I have a guitar player buddy who cut his wrist/forearm very badly opening one of those things. He missed gigs because of it. Want me to give him your card?

  3. Steve M. Says:

    Ye of small ambition. There are surely too few disembowelment victims to make the class action worthwhile. What you want is a consumer fraud action for the lost time spent opening the packaging, brought in the name of a class of all people who have ever bought anything in such a package. Those pennies add up ….

  4. marianasoffer Says:

    It is due to 2 things
    1. saving money
    2. resentment against humanity

  5. eric Says:

    There could be a good claim for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

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