Holy shit. The Russian government has gone completely insane.

This is by far the most terrifying news story I’ve ever read.

The headline says it all:

Russia accuses Poland of starting Second World War

Russia has accused Poland of provoking the outbreak of the Second World War by refusing to accede to the “very modest” demands of Nazi Germany.

This was the topic of an essay posted on the Russian defense ministry website.

I really hope this is just part of the mad historical revisionism campaign the Russians have going (detailed in the link) about whitewashing their early kissy kissy with Hitler (I do believe this blog post is a crime in Russia), and not prelude to yet another invasion of the poor Poles, World War III, etc.

Can we please have the Soviets back? At least they were rational evil.


2 Responses to “Holy shit. The Russian government has gone completely insane.”

  1. marianasoffer Says:

    Do you know what I think, people are ignorant, bored, and they do not know what new revolutionary theory to create in order to be famous
    Who published that, I am curious?

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    I hope so. According to the story, it was published by a “senior researcher” at the Russian defense ministry, with the rank of colonel, on the defense ministry’s website…

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