I now have a public twitter account.

I’ve long had a private twitter account for friends and such, but there are some uses for a public twitter account as well (heh, like participating in contests). So there’s now an official Uncommon Priors twitter account. Unlike my personal account, it’ll be public, and it’ll have blog post notifications + special twitter-only content. Yay official Uncommon Priors twitter account!

Edit: err… or not. That was odd: I created it and attempted to upload a picture, only to find that the account had disappeared. Twitter, you’re run by incompetents!

Second edit: it lives again! Odd.


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  1. mairana Says:

    Good for you! I have one to:

    One of the problems with Twitter is that it’s too brief; it allows no opportunity for relationship to develop. It’s like trying to know someone through what they scrawl in a restroom stall

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