What’s good for the domestic terrorist hiding behind the first amendment goose is good for the pro-choice gander…?

In light of the assassination of Dr. Tiller and the stuff that Hilzoy details about the constant harassment campaigns that operation rescue types inflict on clinic workers, I have to wonder if it isn’t about time for some turnabout.

Imagine this: someone gets the addresses of the head people at the more virulent anti-abortion groups. Park trucks outside their house and call them doctor-murderers day and night (I daresay that’s somewhat more accurate than calling abortion providers babykillers, in light of recent events). Get photographs of women who died in childbirth, blow them up to obscene size, and parade them on the routes their children take to school. Call their neighbors and let them know they live next to people who have so little respect for their fellow citizens that they just pee on the basic norms of democratic discourse.

At least pro-choice shock protesters probably wouldn’t provoke assassination — our side tends to not go in for actual murder. Ironic, that.

Anyway, this is obviously just anger talking, it would be bad to, you know, stoop to their level and all. But damn is it tempting.


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