Memo to Jeff Albert:

At your next gig, I think you should put down the trombone and start jamming on the iphone trombone.


One Response to “Memo to Jeff Albert:”

  1. Jeff Albert Says:

    Wow. I’m honored. Called out in a Gowder blog post title!

    Just last night I was having a conversation about iPhone music making tools. There are two cool trombones, the leaf trombone and the iBone. The leaf trombone is made by Ge Wang, who is on the faculty at Stanford. He visited LSU last spring and showed us a leaf trombone prototype. He denied that the leaf is an oregano leaf…

    I have downloaded both trombones, plus bebot (which you should check out), and will be sure to rock them on the Jeff Albert Quartet gig next Tuesday.

    Thanks for the nudge.

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