Dear readers: do you have a secret crush on me?

Then you may buy me this vintage Marxist board game.


4 Responses to “Dear readers: do you have a secret crush on me?”

  1. Stephen Bank Says:

    I used to play that with a friend of mine as a kid! his mother was an american history professor, I think.

  2. eric Says:

    Ollman wrote a very amusing book about his experience developing and marketing that game.

  3. Steve M. Says:

    Why on earth would you buy Class Struggle when you can buy The Narc Game, the object of which, apparently, is to become a successful drug dealer while racking up the smallest possible number of arrests?

  4. HipHopPoppa Says:

    I think Monopoly makes it quite clear that capitalism will destroy itself due to its own internal contradictions. But for the proles I’d say Class Struggle is pretty instructive.

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