The California Supreme Court upheld prop 8. Now shut up and organize. ORGANIZE. Politics is a fight, people. It’s a fight.

So as everyone by now knows, the CA supreme court upheld prop 8.

In the long run, this might be good. In the short run, of course, it’s horrible, the decision perpetuates a great injustice against our fellow citizens.


California is a liberal state, and a main reason the proposition won at the ballot box in the first place was because of the complacency and atrocious organization of those who were fighting it. I speak with some small authority on this — I’m still angry that I tried to volunteer and the idiots never even called me back. On the streets of even a liberal town like Palo Alto, I saw dozens of pro-prop-8 workers out and about in an obviously professional and organized campaign, while the anti-8 workers were limited to an occasional person handing out fliers and some obviously independent things where frustrated liberals dragged their kids out to hold a sign.

The decent people of this state can get prop. 8 reversed. We simply have to get our political heads out of our political asses. We have to get people who care about equality to the ballot box. We have to counteract the lies and fearmongering about children and schools and parents that the pro-oppression faction spewed during the election. We have to build an organization, for fuck’s sake. And if we do, it might just do some good not only on this issue, but in the politics of this state in general.


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