Is it time to boycott Slumdog Millionaire?

Apparently the producers don’t pay their child actors enough to stave off homelessness. In India.

Say what you like about the free market, about how the kid must’ve benefited some, nay, even how the deal was undoubtedly pareto optimal, whatever. A 350-million dollar grossing film for which the child star is homeless in India is totally unacceptable.

As Angus points out, it’s possible that the kid was paid properly and fleeced by someone else, either his parents or someone else in the country. But it seems likely knowing the behavior of the movie industry that this is another story of exploiting cheap developing-world labor, just a particularly astonishing one. Until more information comes out, I won’t be directing any revenue their way.


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  2. Investment in Property Says:

    Slumdog is a very good film, great to see stuff that is different, and all so real. A very good watch for any move fan.

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