Analyze this flier.

Edit: after posting this, and after e-mailing a couple of campus right-wing groups with similar, but not identical, names to those on the flier, I managed to get the stanford daily’s horrible website (well, actually a google cache — the stanford daily’s website is constantly down, I can’t believe what morons run that paper) to load an op-ed revealing that it was a hoax after all. So I apologize for casting aspersions on the campus republicans. I do think that this flier is somewhat unethical (though the underlying street theatre performance is totally appropriate — and I’m kind of surprised I didn’t get an e-mail about it) — people like me, who don’t actually know the correct names of the right-wing groups on campus, could easily be fooled into thinking that those groups genuinely think that torture is a joke.

I took the following photograph of a flier posted on the Stanford campus. Note the tag line toward the bottom.

I see two possibilities here. First, the members of the right-wing Stanford groups listed toward the bottom really think that torture and war crimes are jokes. I can understand denying that the Bush Administration and its officials, including Rice, are responsible for torture and war crimes. I think such a denial would be deluded, but it would at least be civilized and sane. It would at least take the serious accusation seriously. (I, for one, am deeply ashamed to be an American and to have these acts done in my name.) But making a joke out of it is totally unconscionable.

Second, this is just a clever hoax by some left-wing group to draw attention to the aforementioned torture and war crimes. In which case, very effective work guys, but isn’t it a bit unethical to smear the right-wing groups named with the sort of sickness discussed in the previous paragraph?

I think I will send this post to the groups named and see if any of them will take responsibility for the flier.


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