I want to project all of my writing onto an n-dimensional hypercube.

Recently written: a bracketed aside, inside a parenthetical aside, inside a half-page long footnote, attached to a block of text that is itself in a parenthetical in the main body, said parenthetical being one that really ought to be moved to the previous section, which really ought to be moved into an appendix.

What does this say about my writing style? Nothing good. I am starting to feel like two dimensions is really too constraining — it ought to be possible to write in a third dimension and put a body of text at right angles to all of the others. And then a forth dimension, &c.


2 Responses to “I want to project all of my writing onto an n-dimensional hypercube.”

  1. Michael Drake Says:

    Maybe you’ve been reading too much David Foster Wallace.

  2. Steve M. Says:

    Would writing in the fourth dimension involve the text’s changing over time? Redlines almost achieve that effect, but they fall short. Pehaps with the Kindle, &c., we can finally bring writing into the bold, Einsteinian future.

    Also, we would then need to pressure physicists to find a grand unified theory of everything so that we can know how many more dimensions there are in which to write.

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