The ultimate stupidity

having a hit done on a blind and mentally disabled person in your care for the insurance money, and then noting it in your calendar.

This is a really weird story. The facts make it clear that the guy had sunk to the absolute depths of evil, but the article, perhaps by some rookie journalist who wants to give lip service to the notion of journalistic objectivity, is careful to, e.g., quote everything where the cops say they’re just investigating X and where the lawyer says he’s not completely guilty of Y.

Or perhaps the writer is a really good journalist, who knows exactly how to do a hit piece that doesn’t look like one.

Well, speaking of hit pieces…

He was a pastor (which, of course, doesn’t confer morality, but is a position of trust),
He got a bunch of developmentally disabled people to put him as the beneficiary of their life insurance policies,
He then embezzled church funds,
To pay a hit man for a blind one of the above.

A terse notation in Pushia’s planning calendar for Feb. 5, the day after Wallace was found dead in a Leakin Park bathroom stall from multiple gunshot wounds to the head and back, reads: “L.W. project completed,” police said.

They searched Pushia’s newly built townhouse in Frankford and found the planning calendar and numerous insurance policies in Wallace’s name that Pushia had applied for on the Internet, according to records.

Also an arsonist?

According to his church Web site, Pushia has been involved in religious work since age 15 and started an East Baltimore church in 2005 that burned down two years later.

Also, the worst ever statement by lawyer-to-criminal:

Pushia’s attorney, Russell A. Neverdon Sr., said his client is “very distraught over the turn of events, and he is anxious to bring closure to the matter.”

Translation: “He’s really distressed to have been caught at his dumbfuck murder-the-disabled-for-insurance-money scheme, and hopes it’ll all magically go away.” What’s wrong with the good old fashioned “no comment?” I guess stupid criminals hire stupid lawyers.

Neverdon said the account of Pushia’s confession in court records was “not the truth in its entirety” and that Pushia hopes to share his story at the appropriate time. Neverdon added that Pushia does not know who shot Wallace and “wants other players to accept responsibility where responsibility should properly lie.”


He wrote that he “fasted and prayed, [and] God lead him in the order of purchasing real estate” to start the Church of Deliverance in the 2600 block of McElderry St., a transaction that he noted was paid in full. The storefront church underwent extensive renovations after settlement in 2003, and it opened for worship on April 3, 2005.

* * *

Barbara Archer, who rents her McElderry Street home from Pushia, also recalled him as an ambitious young pastor. She was informed recently that she would have to move because the house was being foreclosed on.

In January 2007, a two-alarm fire ripped through the second floor of the church and spread to the roof of a rowhouse. Fire officials could not say whether a cause of the fire was determined at the time, but police said they are meeting with arson investigators to determine whether it was intentionally set.

Uh… duh?

Here’s the final question for me: How does someone this stupid find a hit man? If I wanted to have someone whacked, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Ad on craigslist?

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