It’s been a while since I’ve done a lightning roundup.

1. “The argument from my bad sex life.

2. Mein Kampf as “self-improvement” guide? WTF? (Relatedly: some stupid people think “New Atheism” is racist.) (Also relatedly, just because of the great punchline.)

3. Quality empirical work plausibly and provocatively described… by a law professor?! Parts 1 and 2.

4. Do professors really read writing samples of grad school applicants that closely?

5. Just click the close button on your browser right now.

6. Questions about the consistency of Gerry Cohen’s critique of Rawls.

7. Perhaps my joke about making up for going to the objectivist hot dog shop with good political theory works actually reflects the way people think.

8. What is the equilibrium level of vampirism in the population?

9. Self-esteem is a crock.

10. Ignorance apparently makes things real: let’s play find the fallacies in this…

I think if we could reduce to a science exactly why that specific man loves that specific woman, it would leech out 99% of the color in the world. It would become a place where we could manipulate each other for selfish reasons, and you’d never know if he called you just because he had to hear your voice because he missed you like crazy or if he was just responding to Chemical P.

I choose romance. Blind, stupid, fumbling, messy, inconvenient, overwhelming, infuriating, mysterious, unexplainable romance.

11. Spiros’s blog comments get sidetracked into the Form of the Douche.

12. Speaking of Spiros:

Like… if logic were important, Hegel would have thought so. But he didn’t give a shit about p’s and q’s…

13. Shorter Robert Solow on Posner, as projected through my own opinion of Posner: “The guy’s an ignorant blowhard, but very smart.”

Judge Posner evidently writes the way other men breathe. I have to say that the prose in this book often reads as if it were written, or maybe dictated, in a great hurry. There is some unnecessary repetition, and many paragraphs spend more time than they should on digressions that seem to have occurred to the author in mid-thought. If not exactly chiseled, the prose is nevertheless lively, readable, and plainspoken. The haste may have been justified by the pace of the events he aims to describe and explain. Posner has an extraordinarily sharp mind, and what I take to be a lawyerly skill in argument. But I also have to say that, in some respects, his grasp of economic ideas is precarious.


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