Megan McArdle is my new hero

Thanks to her linking to the coffeeshop post, I’ve had more hits today than in each of the first four months of this blog’s existence.

Dear Coffeeshop Guy: you’ll probably make more money as a result of the people going to gawk! All publicity is good publicity! Please don’t hunt me down and beat me up! We could have a nice symbiotic relationship going: you put up crazy signs, and I post them on the internet!


8 Responses to “Megan McArdle is my new hero”

  1. ben wolfson Says:

    You do yourself a disservice, Paul. McArdle is a bad person.

  2. Daniel S. Goldberg Says:

    What Ben said.

  3. CJ Says:

    What Dan said.

  4. Mike Says:

    Why is she a bad person?

  5. Jens Fiederer Says:

    McArdle is not a liberal. For what it’s worth, I’m a bad person, too.

    Don’t expect any mercy from Coffeeshop Guy: apparently what you are providing him is not something that he wants to have. Hopefully the US Navy will station an aircraft carrier in your vicinity to protect you.

  6. ben wolfson Says:

    I’m willing to believe that Jens is a bad person and that Jens is not a liberal, but McArdle’s being a bad person does not owe to her not being a liberal.

  7. Mike Says:


  8. Jens Fiederer Says:

    I think Wolfson wants you to guess at it, I don’t see a major connection between the two – they don’t seem to comment each other (unless they delete each others comments)

    The people at have never convinced me, I rather enjoy her writing.

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