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… the interesting exchange between Russell Arben Fox, Andrew March, and Jacob Levy in the comments to the latter’s blog post on Galston on Rawls’s religion. Thoughts from me probably to follow. But for now let me just admit to sharing Andrew’s puzzlement about what a “religious sensibility” might mean in the absence of a belief in god:

1. What is a “religious sensibility”?

A contempt for human nature as it really is? I don’t get that from TJ in the slightest. A moralizing approach to politics? Well, yes, but isn’t that the point? What does this mean besides the well-known idea that Kantian morality is a form of secularized golden rule? It is “religious” only in the Nietzschean sense that all egalitarian morality is a form of slave revolt. The motivation to be moral has to come from somewhere and it is not that interesting to observe that that “impulse” is shared with religion.


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