I’ve seen negative book reviews before, but…

This pretty much takes the cake. It sounds like someone may finally have discovered the Worst Book Ever. Indeed, it sounds like the author is basically Ayn Rand revisited, who wrote a gigantic screed of bad sex, racism and sexism, senseless violence, and ranting arguments about religion. Perhaps “John Harrigan” is a pen name for Christopher Hitchens? (Hitchens’s religion book was absolutely terrible — one of these days, I’ll post the vicious review I wrote of it, though only after heavily rewriting it to make it less, well, bad. Generally, the guy is a total whackjob.)

Favorite part of the review:

There were even typos, including this gem:

“Homosexuals would be demons working for Satin.”

Damn the minions of satin, with their smooth, silky seduction!


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