Iowa > California

A huge step forward for justice!


3 Responses to “Iowa > California”

  1. Steve M. Says:

    I come from Iowa. I can assure you that despite its reputation, it is in many ways unexpectedly liberal. (It is also in other ways unexpectedly conservative, but I gather the lesson is that one ought not to rely on reputation.)

  2. Arvita Says:

    Yes, personally I would have liked it to be Minnesota.

    That said, the Hawkeye State gives us many lovely things: blue cheese, highly photogenic bridges, and washing machines to name a few.

    Now if it were Nebraska, that would be plenty of reason for outrage. Then there’d be a smackdown coming.

  3. CJ Says:

    It also would be bad if it was Kansas. Hilarious, but shameful.

    Steve–I think that can hold true for a lot of the midwest, or at least where I’m from in the midwest. A lot of the midwesterners I know are capable of demagogue-ing liberals and their liberal policies with the best of them, but are relatively accepting of all sorts of liberalism in practice.

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