The ultimate irrationality and self-defeating failure of cheapskatery.

I am a terrible cheapskate. It is very painful for me to spend, say, five dollars on something, even when I can easily afford it.

One would think that cheapskatery would promote thrift, but I don’t think it does. Quite the opposite. Because spending a little money is so painful that it’s not much more painful, in a relative sense, to spend a lot of money. Five bucks and a thousand bucks feel approximately the same, going out of my checking account.

But since desire and need cause me to train myself to ignore five-bucks-level pain, it’s easier for me to ignore thousand-bucks-level pain. Result? Similar behavior to spendthirfts!

Relatedly, I’ve finally freed myself from Windows yet again and am the proud owner of a new and splendiforously functional Macbook.


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