Who consumes “inoffensive” art? (“Inoffensive,” incidentally, is an oxymoron.)

I recently moved apartments, and my new place has framed prints of photographs on the wall from the likes of Michael Khan, Art Wolfe, and, the bad granddaddy of them all, Ansel Adams.

I understand why corporate entities, universities (sadly), hospitals, etc., purchase this stuff. It’s because they want decoration that won’t piss people off. (Bore people? Yes. Piss people off? No. Personally, I’d rather be angry than bored, but perhaps I’ve been reading too much Jack London tirade.) But that doesn’t offer a full explanation, because these “artists” have to become fairly popular and well-known before they come to the attention of institutions that are looking for soporific art.

So who makes these people popular in the first place? Are they the same people who listen to Kenny G?


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