I must, must, must get phrases like “on the one hand,” lazy-ass phrases for unoriginal people, out of my vocabulary immediately. Perhaps aversive therapy involving, say, republican speeches on youtube?

Right. Every time a reader catches me spitting out one of those boring rote phrases on this blog, mention it in the comments and I’ll watch five minutes of a republican speech.


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  1. Jason Wojciechowski Says:

    I’m here to call you out for “must, must, must”.

    Is this like a bounty system? Do we get to tell you whose speeches you have to watch? I order Rudy Giuliani. (Obviously something in his post-NYC career, since prior to that, he was relatively reasonable.)

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    Hmm… “must, must, must” seems like a borderline case.

    There are only 268,000 google hits for “must, must, must,” as compared with the stunning cliche-level 18,200,000 for “on the one hand.” I think I’ll have to declare a threshold level of google-hits clichedom in order to avoid spending my days listening to whitey himself tell me about how the terrorists want to wrap my own personal entrails around a 520:1 scale model of the two towers.

    Right! The (tentative) threshold for candidate cliche phrases is (hereby, now) half a million google hits, in quotes.

    But I’ll watch Rudy just this once, in order to reward you for your attention.

    (Some bounty system, where the bounty is getting to inflict suffering on your beloved blog-host! I’m really entirely relying on the casual malevolence of my readership here. Fortunately, I know my friends and my audience, so I think it’ll work out quite effectively…)

  3. Paul Gowder Says:

    Wow, there were no 9/11 references in the first five minutes of Whitey Himself’s convention speech (McCain’s handlers must’ve slapped him about a little), and only one reference to “safety” that was obviously meant to invoke terrorism. He stuck to straightforward rabid nationalism.

  4. Jason Wojciechowski Says:

    Does “Right!” count?

    Only kidding, only kidding!

    I admire your desire for self-improvement, by the way. (Shoot, would “by the way” count? God.) As the parenthetical shows, I’d get far too self-conscious to actually make it work for me.

  5. Paul Gowder Says:

    Haha, “Right!” does not count, because it is fundamentally a Britishism (or, at least, it is the way I mean it), and Britishisms are always ok in America.

    I wonder if this sort of thing actually works? It has a long history with things like swear jars…

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