Comrade Physioprof calls out some misogynists

Comrade Physioprof is really on a roll lately, putting out some extremely good posts. There’s a reason I say this dude is my favorite blogger. Well, now he throws down on the sort of sexist who immediately makes discussions about academic women about their looks. Huzzah!


3 Responses to “Comrade Physioprof calls out some misogynists”

  1. Singled Out | The Intersection | Discover Magazine Says:

    [...] appearances and number of X chromosomes. And of course I’ve noticed the science blogosphere is buzzing over some neanderthal comments from Monday about my photo.  After Phil was kind enough to [...]

  2. Uncommon Priors » Women are ends in themselves too: the wrongness of sexual comments in non-sexual contexts and the Sheril Kirshenbaum post. Says:

    [...] Kirshenbaum responds with a devastating barrage of good points to the brouhaha noted in my last post. Kirshenbaum sort of circles around many of the same points that Danielle Citron made in the [...]

  3. A new dualism « The Droning Inquisition Says:

    [...] Paul Gowder, who also links to another post where Comrade PhysioProf is outraged at commenters focusing on a [...]

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