Virgin, Seattle

This is what I was *going* to post from the plane until I realized that Richard Brandon wants 8 bucks to use the wifi:

This plane is done up in disco purple and pink. It has Doom on a game console. It has wifi. It has a chat feature such that, were I to know the seat number of an attractive member of the opposite sex, I could electronically flirt with her. It has wifi. It has wifi. Civilization has finally reached the airline industry.

Also, I just walked past three great bookstores in a row in Seattle (recommended: The Elliot Bay Book Company, First and Main streets in downtown). Why the fuck do I live in Palo Alto again?


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  1. eric Says:

    As if I didn’t hate flying enough already, a disco purple and pink airplane decor would certainly put me over the edge. But I can see the appeal of the WiFi.

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